Issue with database items


@ahmadnasriya @yisrael-wix
i have really strange issue.
On some items in datbase(7 i counted), the code stops working while on every other 70+ items all is fine.

Here is what console shows:

these are referenced fields of course, but why with every other i have no issues?

Have some of you experienced such a problem and can give me tips what to look for :eyes:


Wild guess: could it be that you have some blank lines in your collection (check in Content Manager)?

Found the problem. If someone will experience this issue ever, solution is to check Reference item names. One missmatch in capital letter is makin the problem. Basically check field names so they are the same in other dataset.

Hi Mantaz,

Sorry notifications on the forum is a bit messy at the moment, are you still facing the issue??