Issue with Examples Pages

I’m trying to look at some of the examples from here →

But some of them keep taking me to this page that is all glitched out, where the example isn’t displaying, it’s just a grey box and there is no example code. Is this only happening to me? I’ve tried multiple browsers to the same effect. :confused:

Example Pages w/ Issue

I know it happened to one other person, but I still can’t reproduce it.
Can you please open the browser console and post here any errors you see?
Maybe try clearing your cache and cookies and opening these examples again?

1 Like Here’s the screenshot. I managed to snag it before I completely lost access to the example page. (screenshot w/ console) I’ve cleared everything, and still no access to the example page, so I can’t check if that helped the actual examples.

And just as I post that I gain access again. And Nope clearing didn’t help the example pages.

Can you try opening it in Incognito mode?

Same issues in incognito,

Are you still having issues?

Yes, I’m afraid so.


Do you have any security software on your machine ?
Also, if possible, try using a different machine on the same network and see if there is any difference.

I tried using another machine at home, and I’m still having the issue. :frowning:

No security software just Windows Defender.

No, she is right. All links to examples land on the wrong page.

We can no longer access the multi stage form … All other example links also always land on Recipe Review example <------ which does NOT seem to be complete. It looks half done.

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Thanks for confirming Nayeli! I’ve been really wanting to access the preloader example code for almost 2 weeks now. :frowning:

I, fortunately, made a copy of preloader example site before it mysteriously disappeared from examples page. Send me your email so I can transfer a duplicate to your account.

I have been stalling making a how to video on preloader as I cannot reference direct wix article … I would have to create separate code page for viewers to access.

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Oh that’s awesome, thank you, so helpful! I love your videos btw, I appreciate that you reference the official articles and examples.

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hint hint Wix … please fix article

lol thank you :slight_smile: will email you shortly …im barely getting settled back from vacation road trip. I think im still defrosting.

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Sent! Check your inbox

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Got It! Finally I can add a preloader! Thanks again, Nayeli!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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