Issues with timing on effects

I’m having some issues with timing on certain effects. While outside of a container that has a click trigger the timing works as it should. I added the Text object to the container that has the trigger and now timing seems to be set to a fixed rate and activates immediately. I am trying to go from an initial state of 0% opacity to 100% opacity after other effects have ended.

I would like to connect these both to the same container to help with spacing across breakpoints, but I cant seem to be able to get timing to work properly. I’ve tried changing the type of effects and objects i’s working with to no avail. Any ideas?

Edit: After some testing it seems all child object effects inherit the timing from the parent container, if the trigger is also the parent container. Hopefully this is a bug that can be fixed.

hey, @sethwbauer could you share with us the video, on the elements structure and the hoover effect itself? There could be varied reasons for this, like timings, parent elements, initially state positions.

@sethwbauer this may take some time to investigate, so I created a ticket on your behalf, so on this you will be updated via the email in the nearest time

I saw the video and since Andrew is helping with the timed, I did want to mention to move elements like you were attempting to do around onward, I just cut and paste within the layers.

Hey Roberto,
The issue with the copy & paste way of doing things is that it deletes any connections to events or triggers you had before. So for complex websites it becomes a struggle to deal with.

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