Items in card too wide

I have a repeater with cards which is working a treat except for one thing.

In desktop views, there are 3 cards per row with a gap of 56px.

Every item in the card has a width of 100% and no min or max width or height.

The cards look fine when viewed in a wide desktop, but anything smaller than 1182 and none of the items are scaling down to fit into the card.

Below you can see how the items are too wide for the card (screenshot viewed at 1038px)

And here’s the same area when viewed at 1242px.

Any ideas?

Check the width sizes of the objecs inside the box (group).
You can see #text41 and the image above are sticking out of the blue lines of the grouping indcating their width sizing is set wrong.
This usually happens when you set any element width to “max content” and not allow it to resize according to screen width.

Once every element is fixed there will be nothing holding back the box object to shrink down even more.

Hope this helps

Thanks Kostas! I thought I had checked everything and I spent so long cycling through elements. But obviously missed some things. It wasn’t max content in the end, but an accidental minimum width.

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