JS Value not flowing through to Submit Button

I am trying to set up a member only page for them to enter additional information. I want the form to automatically populate with whatever they last filled it in with. to do that I wrote the following code:

var owner = "";
   .eq("_id", wixUsers.currentUser.id)
   .then( (results) => { 
      owner = results.items[0]._id;
      .eq("_owner", owner) 
      .then( (results) => { 
         $w('#dropdown3').value = results.items[0].position;
         $w('#dropdown2').value = results.items[0].year;
         $w('#input3').value = results.items[0].twitterLink;
         $w('#input4').value = results.items[0].instagram;
         $w('#input5').value = results.items[0].tikTok;
         $w('#input6').value = results.items[0].linkedIn;

I query the private members data to get the current user and then search for them in the players collection. Right now it actually grabs what they entered the prior time they filled the form out, but when they press submit it doesn’t except the auto generated values in the inputs so the next time they go to that form, the responses they didn’t manually enter in the immediate prior submission do not populate. When I look at my db for Players I can see that if they didnt manually enter the information, its not inserted into the db. How can I remedy this?