Let's Discuss Email-Hot Mess or Organized System?

Everyone gets a thousand emails a day. We’d love to hear your thoughts about your inbox and how you handle all those incoming messages. A few questions to get us started:

How do you manage your mailbox?
What do you use?
How do you manage all this junk with mailboxes for yourself and for your clients?
If you use G Suite with Wix, share your experiences, feedback, and tips.
How do you organize this mess?

Galen, the product manager, is currently listening, researching, and planning the future for you! Join in the discussion with all of us here!


Great post Ruthann! Emails can sometimes be the first and only point of contacts between us and clients so it’s so important that we manage our inboxes well.

Filters and labels are a MUST.

I also use the Google Chrome extension Grammarly when composing emails to make sure my replies are well written.


I need advice. My email is a mess!


I use filters and folders as well. And I have categories and subcategories. Grammarly does come in handy.


I use outlook, which has a focused email section for items it thinks are important, and a “focus” box for less important email. Then a spam folder.

I also set up special folders for email that I want but do not want to read all the time, with riles to move new emails to those folders.

Works pretty good. With over 5k emails I can find Anything pretty easily and each morinmo is not a chore to manage.

Me too. Love Outlook. I don’t know how anybody can do without it.