Light Box Login On My Mobile Does Not Allow Me To Type

Hi Guys,

I am pretty sure this is a bug but on my phone the light-box login I have created for my client profiles is not allowing me to type. The keybored as soon as I start to type drops back down. It normally allows me to type one letter then it drops. Is there anyone who can help me with this matter?

Thank you in advanced,


Hi Simon,

Please enable the login button and we’ll look into it further.

Do you experience the same issue with my site as well?

If the answer is yes please specify your phone model and version,

Hi Ido,

I the log in buttion worked fine on your website. I have included some photo bellow of how my clients will log into their profiles on a mobile.

Thank you in advanced,







We were able to locate the bug - it occurs when initiating the login from within a lightbox.
We are investigating and working on a fix, however we are not able to provide an ETA at the moment.

In the meanwhile, try placing your login and profile buttons directly inside the header section.

Thank you Ido thats great I have some time before I will be launching the profile so will wait to see if the problem can be solved before I make that change.

Thank you for all your help.