Lightbox Menu Padding

Hello, I have a strange issue with the padding on a lightbox menu on mobile. I’ve checked the code in

Google developer mode and says it’s the container. However, there isn’t a container within the lightbox that I can see.

I have a feeling it’s to do with ‘Made with Editor X banner’?

Link -

Hey Lewis,
if you are reffering to the red color around the menu, it is not padding, its the background color of the light box. you can change the opacity in the design panel of the menu container:

Hey @idoh , thank you but it’s the padding on my screenshot. The blue menu should be 0px at the top… but it seems to be 20% down the page.

I’ve attached an image how it looks in the editor, then on preview and the live site. it’s not at the top. As far as I can tell, all the padding is 0px. Docking is top and right side.

Can you send a screenshot of how it looks on your published site?
and which browser are you using?

Google Chrome on My Desktop & Mobile. The first image I shared is how it looks on desktop. I’ve attached mobile one here.