Lightbox Problem on Non-mobile Page

For some reason, the right half of content in a light box is cropped off when viewing the lightbox on a phone.

Note: this is on a non-mobile site.

When using a desktop computer to view the lightbox, it displays as expected. It’s only broken when viewing the lightbox on a phone.

Is there anyway to fix this?

BTW, I was able to force the full display of content a few days ago using a container box, but something happened at Wix, I believe. Since yesterday, everything I’ve tried doesn’t work. I’ve tried including a container box in the example below, with other elements nested within, but to no avail.

In the example below (screen-capture from phone), the black box is the container box inside the lightbox area. The white box nested within the container box is a multi-state box. My hope was to force full display of content using the container. If the container didn’t work, my hope was to force the full display with the multi-state box. Taking it one step further, I added an image to the multi-state box, aligned right. But, as you can see, nothing works. A little more than half of all content in the lightbox is cropped from right to left.

This issue has completely stalled what is for me a very big and sophisticated coding project for my gaming community. Please help.


I have retried a number of possible solutions, but all have failed. The lightbox area simply will not show the entire contents. Everything displays cropped as illustrated above. Even when lightbox templates are dragged into the page from the left panel in the editor and not modified, it still doesn’t display correctly. Nothing is working as described when using a phone to view a non-mobile page with an active lightbox.

Again, this was working just days ago.

I’ve created a new test. In this test, I simply dragged in the prefab lightbox with the video player and linked a page button to trigger it. Note: this is a non-mobile site. I then used my phone to view the lightbox. Below is the result.

BTW, I have noticed that the behavior of strips has changed. Previously, strips snapped neatly together. When you click on a strip and use the arrow tabs to move the strip up or down the screen, they no longer snap together. This may be the reason the lightbox crops any elements placed inside the field area.

Clearly, Wix must 1) undo whatever changes were made that changed the behavior of strips as described above, 2) allow for page elements to “attach” to the lightbox field area, or 3) allow users to hardcode width and height (or at the very least width).