Link or unique URL to a specific filter of a dynamic dataset displaying on a repeater?


I need to be able to have a designated link for each filter i create from the dynamic dataset in a repeater.

Reading through the wixLocation Api , I have been playing around with the following code:

“key1” : “pack” })

But I haven’t been able to create a link that calls that filter in the repeater, it automatically loads the whole dataset.

my dataset is : “#Search
the column being filtered : “#tag1
the value for the code below is: “#pack

The code for the “#pack” filter is below:

let collection1Records = ;

$w.onReady( function () {
$w( “#packButton” ).onClick( (event) => {

//Query to get the information from the database
wixData.query( “Search” )
.eq( “tag1”,“pack” )
.then((results) => {
collection3Records = results.items;
//Set the information to the repeater
$w( ‘#searchRepeater’ ).data = collection1Records;
. catch ((err) => {
let errorMsg = err;

$w( ‘#searchRepeater’ ).onItemReady(($w, itemData) => {
//Add here all the relevant elements of the repeater
//In this case, I’ve added a text and an image to the repeater
$w( ‘#repeated1Title’ ).text = itemData.title;
$w( ‘#repeated1Description’ ).text = itemData.description;
$w( ‘#repeated1ManID’ ).text = itemData.manId;
$w( ‘#repeated1ManName’ ).text = itemData.manName;
$w( ‘#repeated1Logo’ ).src = itemData.logo;
$w( ‘#repeated1Image’ ).src = itemData.image;
let linkToDynamicPage = itemData[ “link-search-title” ];
$w( ‘#repeated1Button’ ).onClick(() => {;
“key1” : “pack” })