Linking gallery / image to Multistate box states

Hi there,

I have been attempting to link the gallery images on the home page to the corresponding multi-state box states. However, this is not possible with the link function within the gallery and I have been wildly unsuccessful.

Conceptually – if I could register an event (onClick) on the gallery images (from the Homepage) the webpage should then automatically go to the ‘Products’ page and the relevant product Multistate should be displayed and relevant button should be selected. (See attached image)

Suppose I click image ‘A’ from the homepage, the page should then display the product page with ‘A’ selected. This is not that hard because I could just do the normal linking. However, the tricky part begins when I attempt to click image ‘B’ and above, from the homepage –

  1. The homepage should change to the product page
  2. Upon changing to the product page, Button B should be selected
    (i) When button B is selected, Multi-statebox should also show the corresponding state B

Any professional and kind help is appreciated!

Bump, anybody knows how to do this?