Lock Mouse Cursor Shape

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Quick question. Is it possible to keep the mouse cursor the same shape? Every time the mouse hovers over a table it changes to the select text shape but I want it to stay the same. I tried using a hover box but that still changed the shape of the mouse.

Any advice would be very much appreciated,

Many thanks

Do you need the text to be selectable? Do you need the table row/cell to be clickable/selectable? Do you have links in the table?
If the answer is no, you can put a transparent layer over the table.
If the answer is yes - then you cannot do it (unless you create your own html table in an iframe or a custom element).


Thanks for the quick response. The rows in the table are selectable. Clicking on a row will display it in a text box. I suppose that means it’s not possible other than using html. Thanks again, appreciate your answer.

As a follow-up question, is it possible to fix the shape of the mouse cursor for the entire website so that it stays a pointer?

Many thanks

Yes. That’s possible if the website is connected to your own domain (and not under the general wixsite.com ).
Go to the site Dashboard > Settings > Custom Code > Create new

    body {
        cursor: pointer!important;

Apply to the head of the pages you wnat.

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