Login Menu making entries interactive or hide them if logged out


I’m currently using Wix’s default menu on my website and would like to tweak it, it couldn’t be done through the basic menu settings and I am not so familiar with coding, so I am posting this hoping a compassionate individual might help.

Here’s how the menu looks at the moment from a logged in perspective.

Let’s start with “Se déconnecter” as you can see it is non interactive, first I would like to make it interactive, then add a function to it. The function would be to logout which would only show up “if” a user is currently logged on.

I created this entry as a “Submenu Title” so it is probably the reason of why it isn’t showing up to the left on the page code.

Now, I would like to change some properties about “S’inscrire” & “Se connecter” which are respectively “Sign up” and “Login”.

In order to not confuse the user I would like those 2 entries to be hidden if the user is currently logged in.

I made the “Sign up” & “Login” entries using custom lightboxes inspired from the default ones.

And finally, “Mon compte” which represents the user’s account (redirects to member area).
It shows up even if the user is logged out. I would like to have it hidden if the user is not logged in.

Thank you for reading this