Looking for any tips to help speed up my workflow. Really late on a project

looking for any tips or directions to a resource that may have or be valuable in time saving measures. I have a website I’ve been working on for months. This is my first big project and im late :-/.

my computer seems to have a difficult time processing the wix editor x in a browser form. I’ve noticed speed variations between chrome/do/Microsoft edge. Surprisingly edge has been the most responsive but still gets bogged down and I have to restart my computer a kind of often

are there any go to tools that you use that are the easiest to scale down through other view ports? even just things like writing code for drop down boxes can get heavy for me if I mess up something in the process.

I’ve seen a lot of videos with people using fractional grids, but they confuse the ever living hell out of me and break my actual grid more not

im in a current situation where I need multiple drop downs from multiple datasets to put in sub lists, and that process has been a nightmare. So any tips Anything. Very appreciated.

hey @natewest-accts
we are sorry to hear that the process is taking a lot of time for you
but indeed, grids are one of the best options
Along with this, you can also put content in different sections and or containers as much as it is possible, to “unload” the sections
Could you share some video examples with us here, or in case your current work is private, you can contact our support team