Make a selection in a table just by hovering instead of clicking?

I’ve got 2 tables… I’m using one of them to filter the other upon selection… Right now I have to click a cell in order to filter the 2nd table. Is there any way to filter the 2nd table as I hover the columns in table 1 instead?

The tables are in a collapsed container that expands with a mouseIn event… Once expanded, it seems a little counter intuitive to click after the first event.

How about using onMouseIn event?

Thanks Roi. I thought that at first. But the mouseIn triggers for the whole table element, not just the cell that I am hovering. So it won’t filter table2 until I click on a cell.

Im trying to make a “mega menu”. Rather than using buttons, I’m trying to make the menu dynamic so when new products are added to a collection the menu is updated automatically. Once the menu is expanded, I’ve got table2 which is connected to table1 with a filter… Table 2 is hidden until a cellSelect event in table1 happens. Which works fine except the whole thing gets a little glitchy (which I think is because of all the clicking), so I’d like to try and select cells by hovering instead.

The whole thing works perfectly when I use buttons with mouseIn/mouseOut events… But it’s not dynamic.

You can use that event on a repeater element. Perhaps design the repeater as a table.

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