Master Repeater? One design change with global update across site?

I have a repeater that will appear potentially 100’s of times across my site. It draws from different data, (the same collections but different datasets with different filters).

I’m getting very worried that it will be completely impractical to make design changes to the repeater as if I would have to update each version individually.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there any way to make a ‘Master repeater’ that would update all of the linked repeaters in one go?
  2. Failing that a Master page with repeaters on it? If I changed this would it be able to update the design without screwing everything else up?
  3. Saving a Repeater template - This would still be a lot of work, but I guess at least I could just re-import the new version and reconnect everything.

Obviously, if I had these pages as dynamic pages it would be a lot easier, but there is too my variation in the pages to make them dynamic. Unless there is a way to have different filters on each dynamic page?