Master section with background image covers header and footer

My site is very simple, Header, middle section, footer. I stretched and changed the focal point of my image(as per another forum post) to make it a full page background, showing underneath the transparent header and footer . But when I make the middle section a master, I can no longer see the header or footer, and there is no option to bring them forward. I want to use my middle section as a master, and have the same full page background on every page. Is there a better way to approach this?

I could not understand exactly what you’re trying to do. Can you share photos from the editor?

In the first image you can see that I’ve got my background image(part of the middle section) stretched to fill the whole page, even behind the header. Changed the focal point of the image to be top left to keep it in place across breakpoints. Only doing this because there doesn’t seem to be a background image function. When I choose the middle section as a master section(second image), it seems to be “on top” of the header and footer, and I can’t make them visible.

Go to layers panel and click the 3dots next to the middle section. In the drop down that open, select arrange and send to back.
This will put the middle section behind the header and footer.

thanks, that did it! Not sure why that option doesn’t show when you right click on the section and then go to arrange.

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