Missing Refresh button on database section

In the dashboard area, in the new Database section there’s no longer a refresh button that allows to repopulate the table with the current values.

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Great question! :slight_smile:

To which I want an answer. :slight_smile:

Screenshot? And what is your question exactly? How do we refresh now?

I don’t think a screenshot is needed, but here you go:

My question is why did you remove the refresh button? I know that I can refresh by refreshing the page but it takes longer.

@pptgames Screenshots are most always helpful, especially when it pertains to things that have not rolled out to every Wix account yet.

Do you mean when you access it from here or a different location?

@nayeli I didn’t even know that existed. But as I said on my original post, I accessed the site’s dashboard and then clicked on “Database”.

@pptgames Ah, ok. Just wanted to make sure because you said ‘new dashboard’ … so just wanted to double check we were talking about the same thing.

Well … perhaps it may be missing because they are making new changes with the database area in the editor. But I will make sure and ask the Development team next time the Wix Code Masters Tribe meets up with them. I will follow up and let you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

@nayeli Ok, thank you very much.
BTW - I can access the old database page (with the refresh button) of one of my sites.

@pptgames Interesting … and you set as Owner or Contributor of that site?

@nayeli As owner.

@pptgames Alright …this is all good information. I will ask in the next meeting and let you know. Thank you.

@nayeli Ok, thank you again. And also, I just wanna clarify that when I access the database of that site from the dashboard it shows the new one (without refresh button), but when I access it through the old database page URL it shows the old one (with the refresh button).