Mobile Load Time: Dynamic Page vs Datasets on existing page?

Before I begin, my site is very image heavy, yes all image elements on my page are optimized, I’ve removed a lot of heavier image types like PNG as recommended by Wix Documentation.

I have one 500 row collection.

I have about 10 unique dynamic pages.

I have 4 regular pages that have dynamic datasets driving content.

Do those 4 pages affect mobile load times more or those 10 dynamic pages?

Or should I reduce the page count even lower using queries and filters?

Does my site’s total number of datasets used across all my pages affect mobile load speed? Or just the ones on my regular pages?

In general, the number of pages doesn’t effect mobile load speed.
The load speed (both on Desktop and Mobile) is mainly effected by the content of the page being loaded, may it be images, other static components and, of course, datasets and the amount of data being fetched on load.
We at Wix are constantly working on improvements to load speed in general and particularly on mobile. In order to increase your load speed even more you should try to avoid heavy components, if possible, from your entry point pages (such as home page - as initial load takes the longest, inner navigation is usually quicker) and make sure your datasets fetch only the needed amount of data, using the PageSize feature.

My question is about the “datasets and the amount of data being fetched on load”.

Datasets on Dynamic pages, is that data being fetched at time of loading the entire site? Or only when that page is accessed?

Only when the page is accessed.

Hi Ohad,
After reading what you said above I think something is wrong with my site.
I have set my home page as a welcome page because loading my site on mobile is very slow. I literally just have about 10 small words a button and a very small icon on the page and it takes about 6 to 10 seconds to load the page with an internet down speed of 30 mbps average. I don’t think the phone is the issue either since I open 99% of pages in under 2 or 3 seconds. What could be causing this? This is the URL I have also attached a screenshot on the mobile site.

Any information on this?

Can anyone provide some feedback on this please

Can someone please update me on this.