Multi Selection Check Boxes

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I have an issue with the Multi Selection Check Boxes because at the moment it only connects to tags fields, and items on the tag fields can only be displayed using the same item, ‘Multi Selection Check Boxes’. This limit developers and designers a lot, and I would like to know if there is anyway around it.

Option 1.
I want know if it is possible for us to submit selected items to a field in the database using Corvid (It could be onSave or something), and we can have it in the database like this:
choice A, Choice D and so on.

Option 2.
Can we display the tags field with a user input field or just text item using a Corvid instead of the traditional Multi Selection Check Box? This can also be a solution that many people here would benefit from.

Let’s brain storm on this if possible, I believe we can do something about it.

Thanks so much.

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