Multilingual SEO link problem

Hello. I’m fairly new to EditorX and I’m stuck on one point.
There are 2 languages on my site. The primary language is English. Secondary language is Turkish.
In the multilingual settings, the URL structure for the second language is set to “”.
But in the SEO settings of the pages for the secondary language, the links appear as “”.

For example
English page link
Turkish page link
However, it looks like in SEO basics and this link cannot be reached.

Is there a solution for this?
Thank You…

I can see that you original domain is and Turkish version is
it seems that you are not using the subdomain for the TR version but Subdirectories, please review this article for more information:

Hello. Thanks for the response.
I have no problem with URL structure.
As you said, it is set to “” and it works.
However, in the editor, in the Page Settings/SEO basics section, in the “Preview on Google” window, the URL appears as
This URL cannot be accessed.
How can I make my pages appear as Track your order – Job Portal in the SEO basics section?

Thank you.

may I ask how does the domain connected?
Pointing or NS?

Hi Again.


hey there

so you have subdirectories domain look because of Pointing connection method
I can understand that you would like to see it in SEO page settings in this format too, so I’ve forward your query to our SEO team, they will update you via email on this

Hello. Thank you for your attention. My concern is that Turkish pages are indexed with a wrong (unreachable) url in google.
I’m waiting to hear from your SEO team. Thank you.

It seems like you’re dealing with a bit of a multilingual SEO challenge. In your EditorX setup, you’ve got the URL structure right, but the SEO links are causing some confusion, right?
One potential solution could be to check if there’s an option in EditorX to specify the subdomain for your secondary language. It seems like it’s currently defaulting to “en” for English. By setting it to “tr” for Turkish, you should be able to achieve the correct URL structure.
If that doesn’t work, you might want to consider seeking some expert advice on this. You can explore affordable SEO services for small businesses, like the option I found at Cheapest SEO Services for Small Business – The 2024 List, to help you navigate and fix this issue.