Multiple " registered as a static event handler...." errors in Dynamic Page

So everything was working fine until it didn’t anymore

Múltiple errors appear in Live Monitoring related with buttons, texts and images in a
Dynamic Page, and almost nothing seems to be working as it was a few hours ago

About 15 errors of this kind:
“function imageX89_click is registered as a static event handler but is not exported from the page code. Please remove the static event handler or export the function.”

I looked into and all green

This is probably not a coding issue, sorry for that. Probably I should head up to wixsupport

Thanks anyway

Hi Sebas :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Does it affect the functionality of the page? Are you sure the static functions are exported? Have you tried the dyanimc events?

Hey Ahmad, thanks for answering

Are you sure the static functions are exported? - Finally I fixed some things in my code, and probably wix people did something too at night, since the day after everything worked perfect

However I still have three WARNINGS in Monitor, one for a text field, another for a box, and the last one for an image

Should I be worry about this, and is there any way I can fix this ?

Thanks again