Multiple Login light box forms

Hello I have been searching for a way to have 2 login forms on my website. I have 2 categories of members but I don’t want them to both see the same login form designs, so is there a way to add more than 1 member login form?

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Do you have already created an own CUSTOM LOGIN ?

You perhaps first should do that → creating your own custom LOGIN/REGISTRATION-FORM.

You need an example? Here it is… (2-different login-forms which can be designed by your own, like shown in the following example)…

  1. Login first (create an own account, or use an existing/predefined Login-Account.
  2. After Login you will be able to navigate to —> SETUP.
  3. Open General-Setup.
  4. You will see this setup screen …

5) Click on Edit.
6) Enter PASSWORD: 12345
7) Change to —> “SIMPLE”
8) Save new SETUP.
9) Go back to Login.
10) Navigate to → “Sign-Up” (REGISTRATION)
11) Take a look what you got.

  1. Do the same steps again and set SETUP back to → “MAIN”
  2. Navigate again to REGISTRATION, take a look again, what happened?

All you can see can be done by own custom generated CODE.

You want to learn more about “how to create such a login”?
-Read my post, or click the follow button (you won’t miss informations in future anymore) :wink:

BTW: In my example i do not use a LIGHTBOX, but it could also be a LIGHTBOX, if it is wanted.