Multiple Tables Multiple Filters

I have one set of Database that has a reference field “Archetypes”. Within this field there can be multiple entries that are the exact same. However, there is additional fields that will have individual data to them (see below):

So, my goal is to use the dynamic page I have already created to pull a separate table for each unique instance of the “Archetype” as a header within the 1st state of a multi-state box followed by the table of all the teams (Pokemon 1-6), and additional information that goes along with each team along with the header in the second state of the multi-state box that I can then tie to some coding to become a collapsible box. So, using the screenshot I have made available, technically all of these archetypes would fall under the VGC 2019 Sun Series Team Compendium dynamic page, but I would have 5 separate multi-state boxes all with the Archetype name alone as the first state, and then the Archetype name and all following information (as a table) as such:

I would love for this to work as I’m wanting because otherwise, it will be very manual and will have to forgo using dynamic pages in general which was one reason for wanting to creating my website here on Wix.

Looking for any advice on this situation and direction on how to come about my solution.

This post will help you to understand how to work with DATABASES, DATASETS and FILTER-ENGINES…

Good luck and happy coding!