Multistage form code not working on desktop but on mobile?

I’ve been having this issue on and off for the past few days. I set up a multistage form in a lightbox using slidehows as shown here . Everything is connected and sometimes works as it should but today and yesterday I’ve been having issues both on the preview and published version of the next page/slide buttons not working. I even went back to a restored version that I previously starred and it wasn’t working there either even though it was working fine at an earlier date. I checked the form on my mobile phone and the buttons/codes work as they should and go to the next slideshow. This is oddly happening on desktop only and it seems sporadic. Any clue to make sure it works consistently?

Multistage form code for buttons:

function showIntro() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(0); }
function showInvite1() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(1); }
function showInvite2() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(2); }
function showInvite3() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(3); }

function showInvite4() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(4); }
function showInvite5() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(5); }
function showFonts1() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(6); }

function showFonts2() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(7); }

function showDescription() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(8); }
function showColorPalette() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(9); }

function showPrintedPieces() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(10); }
function showEmbellishments() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(11); }
function showEnd() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(12); }
function showThankYou() {
	$w('#slideshow1').changeSlide(13); }

export function buttonsaveandcontinue_onClick(event, $w) {


export function buttonquiz2_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonInvite2_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonInvite3_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonInvite4_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonInvite5_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonFonts1_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonFonts2_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonDescription_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonColorPalette_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonPrintedPieces_onClick(event, $w) {

export function buttonEmbellishments_onClick(event, $w) {

Now it’s working again as normal but I didn’t do a thing…Why is this sometimes not responding for hours on end? Is this something I need to be concerned about with my users?

Hello, still trying to find a solution for this. It began not working again - this time it’s not working on desktop and mobile but I haven’t touched the code…any ideas? Anyone? Thank you!

I’m having the same problem. I have a mutistage form on different pages on the site as well as a lightbox. All was working fine but then stopped working in lightbox without making any changes.

If I duplicate the form on another page with the same code it works fine. But the form won’t slide to next page in lightbox. Was working then stopped working, is this a glich with wix lightbox or is there different code to add? If so, why does it work and then stop working? Any ideas anyone?