"My account" form cut off in Chrome

Hi, I have modified My account page to contain three collapsable sections. The last of them is the default update your personal data form. Everything seems fine but in Chrome, where the form is cut off and you cannot see the button:

The first section contains a table connected to the dataset included in the page. The second section contains a repeater connected to the same dataset. I have tried to leave a lot of empty space under the last section just in case that was it, but I see no change.

I don’t know what else to tell you about the page or if its code would be of any use…
I have tested it in Mozilla, IE, Edge and Chrome and this is only happening in Chrome.
Does anyone have a clue of what could be happening? What can I do? Thank you !!!

Try using Chrome in Incognito mode, clearing your cookies and cache and disabling any third party security addons like adblockers or popup blockers etc or whitelisting them in the addons.

Thanks for the idea @givemeawhisky ! Unfortunately I see no change :frowning: