My website wont show a social share image for the homepage. It works for all the inner pages however

Does anyone know what to do?

@pratham - have you come across anything similar? just checking if you could shed in some light to @sophiewestfall

Hi @sophiewestfall ,

I believe you are talking about the Social Share option in the Page Settings panel.

As mentioned, it does take time for the changes that you make to your Social Share image to be reflected across your site and other social media platforms.

However you can try one of these following steps:


Make sure that the image you’ve uploaded is less than 8MB . For more recommendations on the size and resolution of your Social Share image, click here .


  1. Delete the existing Social Share image from the site’s homepage.

  2. Go to and select the site that you want to edit.

  3. From the site’s Dashboard, click Settings .

  4. Under General , click on Website Settings .

  5. Under General social image , upload the image that you want to display as your Homepage image.

This should show the image that you uploaded as your Homepage image.


  1. Duplicate your homepage.

  2. Change the Social Share image of your duplicated page.

  3. Set it as your homepage.

Again, as it is mentioned, it might take some time before your changes are reflected everywhere.

Hope this helps! (:

It is working now, thank you so much! :") Super helpful

@pratham is awesome! :slight_smile:


@eduardog :smile: Thanks Edu!

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@sophiewestfall You’re welcome! Glad it worked!