Need help creating a formula from a Dataset

I have the datasets all working fine and repeaters and other text boxes all pulling the correct data. However, I need some fields to look to another dataset field to take and then use that data to populate the variables. i.e. The Recommended Retail Price (RRP), marked in green (A), is variable depending on the Auction Item. The Membership Bonus Level, marked in blue (B), is a constant relative to the Membership Level i.e. Founder 33%, Diamond 25% etc. The resulting calculation, marked in Red (C), needs to be the resulting calculation, i.e RRP = $1000. Founder Bonus $1000*.33=$330. Diamond $250, Ruby $200 etc.

I am a high end user when comes to excel formulas etc, however, as a noob coder I am unable to research and locate the required code to make this happen.

The Auction RRP (A) is in the “Auction Item” Dataset, the Membership Bonus (B) is in the “Memberships” dataset. The formula needs to calculate and populate the text box for each level of the memberships Founder (F), Diamond (D), Ruby (R), etc.

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For information on working with the database, including queries, see the Wix Data with Corvid documentation.

In order to fill in the other fields in the Repeater items, you will need to use the Repeater onItemReady() function.