Need help fixing a bug

Hello corvid community,

I am currently experiencing a bug with my slideshow on mobile. The slideshow contains a savings calculator that requires users to input certain information before clicking a button to proceed to the next slide. This calculator works fine on desktop, however on mobile the user can swipe left or right to go forward or backwards in slides without inputting information. I have tried everything I could think of/researched to fix this however have hit a brick wall. How do I lock the slideshow from being swiped to change slides in mobile?

Thank you

Is it a bug as remember that slideshows are set to be moved along after a set time unless you turn off this feature yourself or do not show the page navigation or slide buttons etc so that users don’t know that they can move it along or back -

If it is just the one slide that you want to be stopped, then why not simply do some code that when the appropriate slide is shown then the slideshow is paused.
API Reference:$w.Slideshow.html

Then have the user fill in the required inputs and on your submit or proceed button or whatever you wish to call it, just add the extra code that starts the slideshow playing again. You can even have the submit or proceed button disabled until all user inputs are filled in.

Just remember that in the Wix Editor they are numbered from slide 1 upwards, whereas in the actual code they are based from zero, so it will be like this:
Page - Code
Slide1 - Slide0
Slide2 - Slide1
Slide3 - Slide2
and so on…

Also, do you need a slideshow for this or would a multistage form as like in this Wix tutorial be better for your web page? -