Need Help with Hover-effects & Images. EditorX Bug?

Hey there Community,
Inspired by a Video I tried to replicate the hover effect when going into a Container.
While this is normally working fine and doesn’t create any Problems, lately this happens: (Shown in the Video).
It makes it super frustrating to somehow edit the page.
Does anyone know anything about this? I am open for further discussion.

Hi Johannes,

From what I am able to see you have some unnecessary settings to your elements, I made a short video on what you are trying to achieve and also one for the code part, which can be achieved a little more efficiently.



Hope this helps,

<3 For your fast and clear precise replay @idoh

@idoh . Is there a fast way to solve the white Bottom?

In General

Hi Johannes,

To fix the white space, you need to set your grid row to 100vh and use the stretch
button to stretch the image in the grid cell. You will have to make sure this setting is on all breakpoints.

By the way from what I’ve seen in your site you are basically using one layout across all breakpoints, which makes all the breakpoints that you added unnecessary.

I recommend that you join one of our free online webinars (Discover the Editor X workspace) , we have one of them coming up this Tuesday, which I will be moderating.
You can sign up here:

Good Luck!

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