Need help with Login Lightbox

Hi guys,

I have written a few times now and still no response. I have created a Client Profile page using Wix code and have put my Login Buttons on a Lightbox. When login in the standard login box comes up and on my phone the keyboard just disappears as soon as I begin to type.

Is this a bug?


Not sure where to start on this one… I would like to see if I can reproduce this problem, but I need to know how you’re requiring a login. I want to set up a test that mimics your configuration.

Also, does this happen on all mobile devices? Only certain models?


Hi Yisrael,

I have included some photos of how my clients will log into their profile. So far I have only tested this problem using iPhones as that is the only phone we all have in my house.

Thank you in advanced.






I see what you’re talking about (on an iPhone 7 Plus). Strange.

How does a desktop user get to the login? I’ve tried a few things but can’t seem to get your site to ask for a login.

Bingo! Found the login on the desktop version. And I see the problem that you’re having on my iPhone.

Seems like a bug. I will open a ticket.

Brilliant thank you Yisrael! I thought it might of been something I have done. :slight_smile:

OK, the ticket has been opened and it’s now in the hands of the smart guys.

BTW - cool site. Except I think I got a hernia just browsing it.

Brilliant! Thank you Yisrael for all your help.

Hahaha cheers I get to work with some pretty cool people. :slight_smile:

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