New Corvid Feature: Site Monitoring with Stackdriver

Recently we had a MindMeld with the Corvid product team to discuss a brand new and exciting feature for Corvid: Site Monitoring with Stackdriver .

What is Site Monitoring?

Corvid’s site monitoring feature lets you gather information about Wix site events, such as console logs, HTTP functions, and web module functions. You can examine live site events in real time, or connect site events to an external monitoring tool to generate event metrics and perform error log analysis.

Why is this important?

Logs and site monitoring help you quickly identify production errors which will be a major time saver. Logs and site monitoring also help highlight product areas that are sometimes overlooked.

What is Stackdriver?

From Google: “Stackdriver aggregates metrics, logs, and events from infrastructure, giving developers and operators a rich set of observable signals that speed root-cause analysis and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).”

Essentially it’s an amazing way to catalogue and track your metrics and error logs automatically .

This is a really big deal - because not only can Stackdriver log errors, it can log a wide range of observable behaviors across different elements on your site.

During the MindMeld, our Corvid Masters had an opportunity to view a live demo of the feature as well as have the feature enabled in their Wix accounts. They also had an opportunity to speak directly with the Corvid team and ask them questions regarding the new feature.

Here are a few of the questions that were asked (and answered!) during the Mind Meld:

Q. Is this feature available now?
A. For those who attend the MindMeld, the feature is now available to use. This beta will be released to the rest of the partner community in late October.

Q. What are the benefits of using Stackdriver with Corvid instead of using databases in Corvid to catalogue site errors?
A. With Stackdriver, you can get an alert on different things - not just errors. Site monitoring is also fully automated - with databases you have to create a view, among other steps.

Q. What limitations are there, if any, for site contributors? Should a designer connect to their own Stackdriver account or the client’s Stackdriver account?
A. Contributors are able to access this tool. The designer should connect their own Stackdriver account.

Q. Using Stackdriver with Corvid, how long are logs kept for?
A. Logs are kept for one month. In the future, the option to store logs for longer may be available.

Q. If the client removes the designer as a contributor, how does the designer unlink the site from their Stackdriver account?
A. The Stackdriver account connects directly to a Wix site. The site owner can disconnect the designer/ site contributor. Currently you cannot disconnect your own Stackdriver account if you are removed as a contributor - but the team has taken this feedback into consideration.

Q. Can any contributor override another contributor’s Stackdriver account (two designers working on the same site)?
A. If as a site contributor you have access to the dashboard, you can disconnect an existing Stackdriver integration and connect a new Stackdriver account to the site. Only one Stackdriver account can be connected at the same time.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of sites connected to a Google Stackdriver account?
A. At this point you can only connect one Wix site per Stackdriver project. You can have multiple projects under one Stackdriver account.

Q. Can we get logs from other types of files and widgets on Wix?
A. The console log should work in all areas with all file types. If it does not work with a file or area - it should be treated as a bug. Please escalate it to .

Do you have your own questions? Feedback? Comment below! If you’re interested in being part of the conversation, keep an eye out for future MindMelds!


Do you know how much it will cost to use stackdriver?

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Hey Patrick. Good question!

The integration with Wix will be free.

@sheyla like 100% free?! On Google’s end too?

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@patrick I know that using it through Wix will be free - however I also know that Stackdriver has different tiers of service - so it may not be free if you want more features. :slight_smile:

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@sheyla Here is the full pricing for stack driver

Stackdriver pricing overview

Free Stackdriver products

Use of the following Stackdriver products is currently free (non-chargeable):

Chargeable Stackdriver products

Use of the following Stackdriver products is chargeable; you might incur costs:

Pricing Break down -

  • Logging $0.50/GiB First 50 GiB per project

  • Monitoring data $0.2580/MiB: 150–100,000 MiB $0.1510/MiB: 100,000–250,000 MiB 0.0610/MiB: above 250,000 MiB First 150 MiB per billing account

  • Monitoring API calls $0.01/1,000 API calls First 1 million API calls

  • Trace ingestion $0.20/million spans First 2.5 million spans

  • Trace spans scanned $0.02/million spans First 25 million spans


Thanks for sharing this Patrick! :+1:t4:

Hi Patrick,

At this point it is free. We are working to provide a free tier which will provide a lot of value while some feature may have some cost. In any case we will make it clear when the time comes.

If you already using Stackdriver your feedback is welcome.


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