New feature Alert: Editor X Site Checker

Use the Site Checker to look for issues we recommend fixing across your site.

Now you can quickly identify issues and navigate directly to issue areas and easily optimize them.
Find the Site Checker under Tools in the top bar, and check it to make the panel visible on the right side of the editor.

Once you click Check Page, it automatically scans the entire page to find issues related to the different breakpoints, accessibility, security and much more.

Check your site pages and select the issues on the panel to fix and recheck or ignore them. When you want to deal with the ignored issues you can find them using the dropdown on the top left.

Click ‘Learn More’ in the description of the issue to learn why it’s important and how to fix it

Issues you can find and fix now with site checker:
Page Issues :

  1. Overflowing Content - Make sure elements don’t overflow the edges of the canvas on any breakpoint.

  2. Missing Header - Add a header section to each page of your site. Important for accessibility and SEO.

  3. Hidden Element - Check that all elements are displayed on at least 1 breakpoint. Delete elements that are not in use. Keep your page clean so your site will perform better.

  4. Adapt to Breakpoints - Edit the layout and design of site elements so they look good on every breakpoint.

  5. Small Font - Make sure all text is large enough to read to ensure your site is accessible so that visitors can comfortably read your content.

  6. Image Quality - Make sure the actual size of the image is bigger than its representation on the stage.

  7. H1 Heading - Ensure that the page contains exactly one H1 text element.

  • No H1 Tag - Add an H1 heading tag to the page
  • Multiple H1 Tags - Remove additional H1 heading tags so each page has only 1.
    Allow screen reader users to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the heading structure. This is important for your site accessibility and SEO.
  1. Default Content - Replace default media and links with original content.

  2. Missing Link - Connect all clickable elements to a page or URL.
    Site Issues:

  3. Exposed PII (Security) - Collections that contain PII and configured to allow anyone to read the data.

Enjoy and please share your feedback, thoughts, and any idea for new issues we can help you find and fix! :unicorn: :blossom:


You have gotta be kidding me. Are you guys preparing for a major launch or something? I’m almost tired of seeing all the updates, but keep em coming!


WOW! :exploding_head: These updates are not just steps in the right direction but HUGE steps in the right direction. Keep them rolling!


Tears of joy!!!

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Just look at it. Look awsome. Thanks.

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:heart_eyes: wow it’s it’s perfect really we need this option thank you so much​:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

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GAME CHANGER!! @lironm and the X team rock!

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Great update, Keep it up!

@lironm One bug to flag: elements with max-content set as their width very often generate overflowing content errors when the content isn’t actually causing overflow.

So far Site Checker has been like a Manu Chao album. It tells you about all the problems but doesn’t offer any solutions for resolving them.

For instance, it says there are breakpoint adaption issues, and to “edit the layout and design of site elements so they look good on every breakpoint.” Yeah no duh. But what’s the actual issue here? Is it a scaling text problem? Is it the anchoring of the container? What is it exactly?

Maybe clicking “view issue” will help, nope. It’s like a mechanic pointing out that your car is making a funny noise. Yeah, I’m aware, that’s why I brought the car here. So why is it making the noise and how do we fix it? That would be actually helpful information.

Below is a screenshot of one of the site issues. Position? Looks centered to me. Size? Looks fine to me. So what’s the problem then?

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Hey @buckbowen , thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
The Site Checker shows many issues and also recommendations for users that are not familiar with breakpoints and didn’t check them to make sure everything is adjusted.
For cases like yours, we added the option to ignore issues so you can focus on what’s relevant to you.
I really appreciate your feedback and I agree that showing if your content is overlapping or the text is wrapped on lower breakpoints can be much more useful. I will share it with the team :sunflower:

Hi @jaiden , It works fine for me, not sure if it’s the max-content causing this. Can you please share more steps that you did or send me your site so I’ll check it?
Anyway, it looks like you have one element that creates this white gap everything to overflow.
If everything looks perfect on all breakpoints, you can set the section’s overflow content to ‘Hide’ instead of ‘Show’ and it will fix the horizontal flow gap and will resolve all the Site Checker issues.

@lironm Thanks. As someone still trying to learn Editor X, I’m not experienced enough to know if I should ignore the issue. Hence why having some “whys” would be helpful.

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Good question and thanks for that insight. The issues brought up have explanations that you can click on and why it should be fixed and how it to do it.

The issues are also broken down here.

@Rob Thanks for the reply. Please take a look at my original post and see the screenshot of the “issue” in question. It’s text centered within a section. It says there’s a breakpoint issue, that it needed adjusting, but from the looks of it doesn’t seem too big or small, so it’s not clear what or “why” it needs adjusting. This was the point I was making about specific information. I don’t want to just start hammering around an make things worse.

@buckbowen Got it. Will say from seeing the screenshot that does look hard to say why it needs to be adapted since only one breakpoint is shown (it’s one of the ones I’ve seen less often); generally it’s that it might be too large or wide on the other breakpoints. If it all looks good, you could always ignore it or if you do have it that way by design, all good.

Does seem Liron got the feedback so thanks for raising this.