New feature alert: Selection Tags

You can now use Selection Tags in your input forms to allow visitors to select and submit multiple choices. This info is stored in your database collection when the form is submitted.

After adding the Content Manager, the Input category in the Add panel will be added, where you can find Selection Tag presets. Next, connect the Tags component and the Submit button to your collection.

Allow Write permissions for your dataset and also set the collection type to be Form Submission .



Great! Is it also possible to use it to display tags?


It would be very nice to use this to show filtered content in a repeater with the tags in in the content manager. I don’t think it is possible yet.


+1 for Leo’s suggestion:

It would be great to use these tags as an user-input to filter datasets in repeaters as a very simple but elegant way to filter products, services, items etc.

Right now it is only possible to use the user-input in form of a dropdown menu. Is there a reason why the other input types (like radio-buttons i.e.) are not supported in the dataset-filters?

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You can achieve it using code. Have a look at this video, which is demonstrating on Wix Editor and not on Editor X but it will run through the steps to achieve your need. Please follow up if you have any further question.


Hi Chris,
Check out my reply to Leo regarding Repeaters.
About the other comment, I have shared your suggestion with the relevant product team.
Thank you :hugs:

@naamar Great! That will be no problem to do! Thanks

Is it possible to to have multiple filters ? or just a search bar ?


You can use tags as search, as well as a search bar. Just use the .and query when you use the selection tags to filter the content. wixData.

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Has anyone successfully used the code from the example Naama provides above?

@naamar61606 Checked my code matches and not working for me on an EditorX site…

It worked for me. What is the problem exactly?

Hi Leo

We’ve got it working but have two problems.

  1. The sort order set in the dataset settings is no longer working, the repeaters are coming out in a random order.

  2. The first tag is selected on page load, can’t see anywhere in the code that’s defined.

Did you have any issues like this?


Hi Matt,

I see what you mean. I did not add a sort specification. So I did. But indeed, after you select a tag the sort order is like the content database and when deselecting the tags the sort specs are gone. I think the sort order has to be in the code too. I have to look into that because I need the sort order too.

I don’t have the second problem. On page load no tag is selected. I did not alter the code @naamar suggested besides collection names etc.

Thanks Leo, quick admission I’m a designer not a coder, I can find my around CSS but not Javascript. I found this:

$w(“projects”).setSort( wixData.sort()

It fixes the sort but breaks the tags, I suspect that’s because I put it in the wrong place, or it needs tweaking to part of the rest of the code.

Did a line-by-line compare and I haven’t changed any of the code other than collection names either, so no idea why I’ve got a selected tag on load.

Thanks for replying.

Are you a designer or developer?

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Thank you so much
We hope to see more features and options in Editor X.

Personally, I think Editor X is the best all-in-one web design platform if they follow the feature options and add a complete business tool at a good price.
Plus more integrated with other platforms.

Hi Matt,

I’m a designer too. I have developed lot’s of custom made sites without coding.

Mostly in Adobe Muse and with Wordpress. Adobe Muse, although you can still use it, is obsolete and Wordpress is very demanding. I want to spend my time to design sites instead of contant testing and updating plugins to keep it safe and working.

I think you still need basic knowledge of html, css and Javascript, php etc. But that’s what it is. Basic know-how. We did a lot of research which application is the best for no coding site. We are very happy with EditorX.

I will try out the code you have found. But I’m not working on that site where I need it right now.

Hello everyone,
Is there a way for users to create new tags if none of the tags proposed fit their situation ?
Many thanks,