New Filtering Option

While not a new feature, this is an update released for allowing users/site visitors to filter content on the live site :

Here is a link to the site so you can test it yourself:


Is it possible that the update does not work for all accounts? I can not connect multiple input fields to the database. I also do not get a preselection when I connect the input fields to the database.

Or am I doing something wrong?

This feature is being slowly rolled out. At the time of recording it was only available for Beta users but I wasn’t aware of that. I saw the feature and saw how great it was and wanted to share it.

It seems it’s becoming available to some users now so if you don’t see it now, you may in a bit unless there’s an issue and it needs to be rolled back.

Thanks for the info. I’m really excited about the update. That would make so many things easier.

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It definitely does and hence why I jumped the gun in making a video. :sweat_smile:

@da.hahn The feature should now be live to 100% of people.

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It does not seem to work with more than one dropdown in a cascading way,
For Example, when I choose Dodge in the first drop down the second dropdown still lists Mustang, Galaxy, Prius, etc. which leads to many blank lists when you choose items from the second dropdown. The second drop down should only show Dodge products.
Am I doing something wrong or is it not set up for cascading dropdowns yet.
Any hints how to do that with this new feature?

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Is it possible to re-arrange the order of the tags? Or will they remain in alphabetical order?

In the video, you’ve connected the Selection Tags element to Tags field. That works fine for me as it did for you, but it doesn’t work when Selection Tags element is connected to a Multi-Reference filed.

Both Tags and Multi-Reference field types are very similar . Here’s what they look like in my Team Temp collection:

However, when I connect the Selection Tags element to a Multi-Reference field, the result is only the values of the first record (Full Name 01 in screenshot above) from Team Temp collection are being displayed in the Selection Tags element instead of all available values. Whereas if I connect Selection Tags element to Tags field, all available values are shown. Here’s the screenshot of that:

Notice that E-commerce and Payments are missing from the Selection Tags element on the right .

Is that a bug? Or is Selection Tags element haven’t been developed to work with Multi-Reference fields (yet)?

For reference and added context, when I added the Code Languages dataset, I’ve added a filter for the Code Languages dataset to show only the values that are available in Team Temp table:

But, as is shown in the first screenshot in my original comment, all five values from the Coding Languages should be shown since all five were used in the Team Temp collection .

For reference, here’s how the Coding Languages collection looks on my site:

And, no, I haven’t added any filters to the Team Temp dataset: