Newbie - sorry! I'm seeing three dots just under the event part of a code line - what does this mean and how to correct? :)

Hi Paul,
It’s just identifying a parameter passed to a function. You can ignore it. :blush:

Correction: It means that the parameter type is not specified. Adding jsdoc comments will remove those dots and will enable autocomplete for that parameter. But either way, it’s no cause for concern!

@marlowe-shaeffer Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what jsdoc is, but I’ve just added another click event and this one doesn’t have the … underneath. Just a little confused as this is my first dabble into Javascript. Sorry!

@paulmgoodchild See the comments that were added right before the click event that you added. That’s a jsdoc comment. Don’t be intimidated by the docs that I linked to. First, realize that it’s not necessary, the code will work just fine without it. All it will really do for you is to get rid of those “three dots”. Second, as you learn, you can add informative comments to your code using jsdoc and accomplish two tasks: get rid of the “three dots”, and provide meaningful comments for your code.

Thanks Yisrael - I’ll take a look once I have some time to learn. Have a deadline for this site that we’re trying to hit, so I’m rushing a little which is never good!

Thanks for the answers - I have another slight problem that I can’t seem to clear…
I have a repeater on the home page which is connected to a database holding 25 entries currently. The repeater is only showing the first 12 and I can’t seem to increase the size of the repeater in order to show more (not sure if I should need to do this but anyway). There’s plenty of room in the slice for the repeater to be bigger, but it’s just not showing the remaining database entries! Any ideas please??? :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Don’t worry - I’ve found this setting in the small graphic that allows settings for the data connection - all sorted thank you! :slight_smile: