Object template literal doesn't work

I don’t know why my code doesn’t work. Could you help me ? I have used object template literals to retreive the data for user firstname.


Code gives an undefined result but I have already defined user and firstName is valid for members private data.


In the first comment. https://www.wix.com/corvid/forum/main/comment/5f2fea1e11c2e8005924499a

I can’t post my code. It gives such an error, nice!

Your account does not currently allow posting of links. If you need to post a link of your site or relevant Wix content, you can “break” the URL by adding spaces, like this: www.wix . com/corvid
No link appears in my code… It gives this error.

Sorry for inconvenience.

@velogenius Try using a console.log(user.firstName) statement to make sure you have a valid value.

BTW - firstRole.name looks like a url (with name as a top level domain) and that’s probably what’s causing your posting error.

@yisrael-wix firstName is a field from private members data collection.

console.log(user.firstName) // gives undefined

Codes works on page as below.

I’ve fix the code by adding query. I have replaced this code

$w("#text532").text = `Hi ${user.firstName} ...` 

by this

if (isLoggedIn) {
        .eq("_id", wixUsers.currentUser.id)
        .then((results) => {
           $w("#text532").text = "Hi " + results.items[0].firstName + "! Welcome to your business portal. Keep going on exploring.";