Off with the Header! Carte Blanche!

It’s happened multiple times where my header menu (custom container) goes hidden or is gone all together.

I’ve also experienced my shopping cart icon disappear 2-3 times for no reason.

Is this a bug? A known issue?

It’s very concerning since we’re launching soon and absolutely cannot afford to have a header go missing nor a shopping cart icon disappear.

If you are not Positioning the header as Pinned, make sure it is at the top in the layers of elements. Very easy to bring another element to the Top and cover your header all together. Carts icons are usually inside the header.

Header is positioned as Pinned. Here are two screenshots. One of some of the elements within my header, and the other of the header properties.

Still would love to know why things disappear and my cart icon goes missing.

Where is the cart icon nested? In the header? or on the page? Make sure it is nested in the header and ensure that it is on top of all the elements in the header just to be sure.


@buckbowen Can you share a link to the page in progress, please?