On Safari Browser the buttons don't work

I have just created a website but when testing I noticed all the links don’t work on Safari however, they work on Google Chrome. Can someone advise me on what I need to do please?

Hey Charlotte, can you please send link to you published site so I can see what the problem is?


its password protected

@idoh password is: nigel

just checked it on safari, and did not see a problem, also checked it on an iphone with safari and on another machine with an older version of safari, links seem to be working fine. did you try on a different machine?

Did you try the buttons that say “profile and contact” as these are the ones not seeming to work?

If you mean the buttons in the people section, they are in fact working on my machine.

Okay, how strange, they dont seem to be working on my iPhone X…

@charlotte Ok I see the problem now, in your tablet and mobile breakpoints the stacks with the persons name and description is covering the buttons, so that’s why you cant get to it. in the layers panel you need to go to the repeater item and swap the order of the of the stack and the button and you should be all good.

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@idoh All fixed now, thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

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Glad it worked out :ok_hand: