Ordering products on a credit account

I have a client who owns a builders merchants open to both trade individuals and the public.

Trade individuals receive discounted prices as compared to the public and can also add their products to a form of credit account (basically it totals up their spend for the month and they are invoiced monthly for the goods they have received).

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way of displaying different prices for products depending on whom is logged into the site? e.g a brick to a public customer is £10 but to a trade customer is £7

  2. Is there a way of allowing ONLY the trade customer to purchase without paying? I understand that their is an offline payment function but it can only be available to the trade customer. Also, I am under the impression that offline payments require manual intervention to update the inventory. Is there any way in which this can be updated automatically?

Thanks in Advance

You can always have special pricing for a “members area” that isn’t available to the public, but you can’t (out of the box) have a member area that gets special pricing for Wix Stores. Now - With Corvid - You might can do some magic there, but it will take a bit of code. :slight_smile: