Page and Footer do not contract with "expand and collapse"

Using Wix code and database to expand a corporate bio text box (read more) and with just 4 bio on a page there’s a ton of space below the last bio. Anyone know how to get this to behave like and other page, i.e.; footer alway contract up to last object on the page?
Thanks for suggestions.

search for 70/10 on this forum. Good luck.

I have this issue, and already checked de 70/10 tip. The fact is that on my page, the footer is already without gap after the last object and the gap remains on page when the items are collapsed.


At the moment this is the expected behaviour.
I would suggest trying to implement a different layout in the meanwhile.


is there solution for this problem already? Have a great page with collapsing boxes and a ton of blank space before the footer.

thank you

Also having the same problem. I have a lot 10 collapsible texts which makes the end of my page a long blank one. see my site can someone help me to fix this?

I also check the rules. But my page still contains a big white gap. My site:
May someone help?

Hi Duy,

I had similar issues with a member page not collapsing all of it’s member only elements if the login button was showing Login, with it only expanding once members had signed in and the button turned to Logout.

So I was left with a large empty blank space where my footer would only go up to the bottom of my lowest expanded element, like yourself on your website and I posted a similar forum post, check it here .

The reply back was to look at another forum post, check it here , which gave me the answer of this:

To solve the issue cut the strips from the page, then adjust the page height according to the required length when the elements are in their collapsed state and paste the element back.

So basically I put all of my elements that are to be collapsed and expanded into a seperate strip which saved a lot of time having to type it all out and check values etc, then I simply changed my code so I only had this one strip in the code to expand (show) or collapse (hide).

Then I cut that strip using keyboard commands only (Ctrl+x on pc) and then moving the footer to where it should be without the white gap, saving the page like that and then pasting the strip back in using keyboard commands only (Ctrl+v on pc), before saving it again and then publishing the website.

This worked for me and ever since I have always had the footer appearing without the white gap when viewing my website on desktop or mobile devices.

Obviously, if you ever change anything on page, then you will probably have to redo this cut and paste fix again, unless Wix get around to fixing this bug or incorporate something into the editor that lets us do it.

Hope this helps you too.

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@givemeawhisky OMG This just saved my life haha. I appreciate that bro. It really works. I was a bit mad about the bug but you really just saved me.

And after fixing that for my PC version, the mobile version messes up…

Glad to hear it works for you too.

As for the mobile version messing up, do remember that when you cut the strip, that you need to make sure that you edit the footer again in both the desktop and the mobile editor and save it.

Then paste back in the strip and check your desktop and mobile editor to make sure that the strip is in the right place, then save it and publish it.

Thanks for all the explanation. But this didn’t work for me. Because after the “expand and collapse strip” i have another strips in the page. When I have done that as you said, the footer now works well, but the next strips in the page don’t contract or collapse as they did before.

Has this since been corrected? A bit frustrating following tutorials provided by Wix Corvid to create the expand/contract functionality on my webpage , only to have these issues arise. This forum thread links to three other forum posts about this issue, with a workaround suggested with strips, but no elegant solution. Could the bottom of page/start of footer position not be set relative to another elements position on the page? This Wix supports page has expandable text examples of this functionality working perfectly, where the footer start position changes as you click one of the two expandable elements on the page… I presume Wix built their own website with its own software… so somehow this functionality can be achieved?

I found a fix that worked for me (after much frustration). This article provided some very helpful info around element spacing to ensure other elements moved in response to an element collapsing/expanding:

Specifically, the article talks about ensuring the footer is within 70 pixels of the last element of the page, to ensure if that last element collapses, the footer moves up in response.

HOWEVER, at the time of me writing this comment, the footer does not display the functionality that is suggested in the article. If I dragged the footer handle up to my last element (ie 0 pixel spacing, while the requirement is <70pixels), when previewing the page the blank/white space would still show.

Finally, the solution came from a note in this article at the end of the Footer section, it states:
" If you find you have an unwanted gap between the footer and the last element on the page, double-click the footer handle to remove the gap. "
Thus, you need to double click the footer handle so it snaps up to the bottom of the last element… obviously this didn’t change the pixel spacing for me since it was already 0 pixels. But something about the double clicking seems to produce the correct functionality, no massive white space, instead the footer correctly responds to the collapsible elements.

I have made a video to try and show what I mean. First you will see how dragging the footer up to have zero pixel spacing doesnt work, it still leads to the large blank/white space. Then double clicking to have it snap to zero pixel space does seem to work. I hope this helps someone. I have also contacted Wix support to let them know about this issue.


I have since found a solutions, scroll down to my reply in this forum or click this link here to jump to it:


There is also a video in the reply to try and help show the issue and its resolution more clearly. Hope this helps some other people.

I have also find solution for my problem you can visit this link:

the “double click trick” is amazing