Paid Membership Collection

Hi, I am creating a website that will require to hiding some information from Non-Members, and I was following this article ( ) and trying to do the same.

It require a “membershipsCollection” to identify the paid members, so I need to create one
Then I realized that the membership application will automatically fill in the details into the collection called “PrivateMembersData”, but it doesn’t include the paid membership status (or membership plan) and it doesn’t allow me to edit it as well…

So… my question is “Is it possible to create a new collection and it can fill in the details including the paid membership status automatically when there is a new member to join?” As it’s quite impossible to do it manually every time we have a new member. Thank you so much

To achieve your aim you will need to have knowledge how the “PrivateMembersData” works, you will also have to know about the CRM-API (+backend) and Wix-User-API (Wix-User-Backend-Api).