Partner Program Update: EX Sites Point Increase

-Editor X sites are now worth 300 points instead of 100 points inside your partner dashboard. Your active EX sites will be automatically added to your total.
-Velo Certification grants 100 points.


Omg! I did my mental math and realized, sweet sweet partner commission, here I come!


Great to hear that… but is that added? Just check and there isn’t Velo Certified and extra points on EX

Yes - It’s added. Your point totals SHOULD already be updated.
Edit: Log out and log back in. If your totals aren’t updated let me know.

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@brett isn’t added, can you please check?

@wingcc And you logged out and back in?

Open a ticket in your dashboard, and I’ll follow up with the team.

@brett Thanks!

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Greetings team, they gave me points for some of my sites in the editorx, however I have one in particular that is not giving me points. What I can do?

A big hug and I appreciate your response.

Open a ticket. Remember it’s only for sites in your account that will receive the new bonus. :slight_smile:

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@brett Thank you very much, how timely.

In fact it is a site in which we are collaborators.

It happens that we create the website, but we transfer it to the client, he has ownership and we are left with the role of Manager of the website.

Yes. That’s why.

i have the same problem how i open a ticket?