Pay button on product pages won't allow to link to specific products

Hi, is there a way to add the pay button on the product page and have reference for each individual product? In short, the button adds to all of the products and any changes made appear on each product (within the button). Is there a way to change this? and have an individual pay button for each product?

Wix Store - Product Page

What are you trying to achieve:
I’m trying have a pay button that works as a reserve button. Each product needs to have a button that allows the customer to reserve the product. With that, I need to be able to edit the button and set a specific reference relevant to that product to then be able to see in the backend which product was reserved.

What have you already tried:
I have tried adding the pay button and normal button however, everything i do on one button changes on all the buttons. Having a cart button is not an option as we only need a button to reserve the product not buy.

Additional information: