Payeezy API Integration Return from backend

i have succeeded to run the API in the backend and receive the response in backend so the function below in backend show in the console.log the results just fine.

the problem is that i cant return the response to frontend. below the two codes

any help will be appreciated

export async function performPurchaseTransaction(payee, tourname, amount, ccType, ccn, cvv, expDate, street, city, state, zip, country) {
console.log( ‘*******\nPerforming Purchase Transaction\n’ )
let respons
await payeezy.transaction.purchase({
merchant_ref: tourname,
method: ‘credit_card’ ,
amount: amount,
currency_code: ‘USD’ ,
credit_card: {
card_number: ccn,
cvv: cvv,
type: ccType,
exp_date: expDate,
cardholder_name: payee
billing_address: {
street: street,
city: city,
state_province: state,
zip_postal_code: zip,
country: country
function (error, response) {
if (error) {
console.log( ‘Purchase Transaction Failed\n’ + error); // this works fine
return error; // this is not working
if (response) {
console.log( 'Purchase Successful.\nTransaction Tag: ’ + response.transaction_tag);
console.log(response); // this works fine
return response; // this is not working
//performSecondaryTransaction(secondaryTransactionType, response.transaction_id, response.transaction_tag, response.amount);



export function btnPay_click(event) {
let response = {};
const payee = $w( ‘#iptPayee’ ).value;
const amount = chargeAmount;
const ccType = $w( ‘#iptCCType’ ).value;
const ccn = $w( ‘#iptCCN’ ).value;
const cvv = $w( ‘#iptCVC’ ).value;
const expDate = $w( ‘#iptMM’ ).value + $w( ‘#iptYY’ ).value;
const street = $w( ‘#iptST’ ).value;
const city = $w( ‘#iptCTY’ ).value;
const state = $w( ‘#iptState’ ).value;
const zip = $w( ‘#iptZIP’ ).value;
const country = $w( ‘#iptCNT’ ).value;

performPurchaseTransaction(payee, tourName, amount, ccType, ccn, cvv, expDate, street, city, state, zip, country) 

//.then(Response => Response.json())
.then (results => {

    console.log( "results: "  + results);