Payment Processing Input Page

The Issue is with the page customers go to once they click “CheckOut” and are brought to the Shipping/Billing/Credit Information Entry. We are a Florist so our Checkout needs to be appropriate for Recipient/Sender(Billing), NOT Shipping/Billing as the static form requires. Even though I have added a special comment at the top of the Cart Page, Some Senders are still not getting it straight. This was never an issue with our old site because the questions posed were geared toward the Sender and Recipient. The vast majority of time these two will be different because no one really sends flowers to themselves. I have asked this question in the past to both Square and WIX and both indicate it is not something there platform is responsible or able to edit. Here is our workaround notation on the check out page

**Please note after you click the CHECKOUT button the * Shipping Information refers to the Recipient * and EMail information is not required by Blooms for the Recipient, feel free to enter your email address or ours- Shipping = Recipient Billing = Sender .

Any suggestions appreciated, because our comment in red at the top of the Cart Page is not always solving the problem. Thank You. I love WIX and have recommended them to others, but this issue with the fields that can not be customized during this process has created confusion between us and the customers. And I don’t want people to leave our site because they don’t get it…for whatever reason.