pdfgeneratorapi link signature image file error

Hi, I’m generating PDF by using https://pdfgeneratorapi.com/ .
i have a signature field in my wix form that fail to link to pdfgeneratorapi.

I’ve read and tried 2 methods :
Method 1 : (By @yisrael-wix ) i could only able to link all the {text} field. but i couldn’t link the signature field from the dataset to the pdf generated :
here is the wix code image

here is the generated pdf image from pdfgeneratorapi (note that the signature field is empty)

Method 2 : (By @salman-hammed ) I couldn’t link the signature image to the pdfgeneratorapi as well :

here is the wix code image :

The result is the same, the pdf generated left out the ‘signature field’.

i tried .image .value .text .png .imageurl but still fail.
I’m not good at coding. just start to learn the basics.
Appreciate any help from this? Thanks!

Hey James,

You should try .src . SRC sets or gets the file location of the image.

Hope this helps!

Dara | Corvid Team

Hi @darak , Thanks for the tips!

I’ve tried to use .src and it shows only the text instead of the signature.
To better illustrate the results, below is the 3 comparisons i got :

From the webpage by Wix, it shows this :

From the pdfgeneratorapi, my design is like this :

However, the results of my generated PDF is like this :

I can’t seems to be able to generate the signature on the pdf.
Would you able to help?