Perform an action when navigated to the anchor

I have a page in which there are multiple collapsed containers each containing one repeaters. All these containers are collapsed on page load.

I have got some anchors set to a few of these containers. When someone is navigated to one of these anchors, I need to be able to expand the respective container. I cant use ‘onViewportEnter’ because that will be triggered during page load or whenever the page is scrolled and the anchor comes into the viewport. Is there anyway to identify if the anchor is clicked?

Thanks in advance.:smiling_face:


How is navigation to these anchors currently performed ?

You could write a new function “goToAnchor(anchorName)” that will both navigate to the anchor and expand the relevant container, and use that function for navigation.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for your case and we’ll find a different solution.

Good luck!