Pick system

Are there a way to do a pick system for each member, like a vote?
They have to select 5 picks(selections) of a large list and send this votation. One time that they do, they cant send another time

Yes this should be possible.

  1. User-ID ( you will need to get the user-/owner-ID to know who is voting)
  3. DATAFIELD (vote) → where you will see if a person already voted or not
  4. Once the user has submit his vote, it will be saved in a DATABASE.
  5. Before a user can make a vote, your code should be able to check if the current user already has voted or not.

Just some check-points, how to solve your issue.

Okay thanks so much, I will try to do it following your steps altough for me its going to be hard, I am new in coding

Yes, this will be hard to achieve for a newbie, but you are here to learn, right? :wink:
You can take a look onto similar examples like…


…here — > https://russian-dima.wixsite.com/meinewebsite

They could have similarity to your own needs. And you may even will be able to collect new knowledge, who knows.

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@russian-dima Okay thanks, I start understand it more or less the code. But how I can do for show the different things that they can vote. I was thinking in there are buttons for select each one(Pick) Like send the vote. But I dont know how to do it

Before i can really start helping you, you first should create your page-setup.

How do you imagine your —> Voting-Page? I can’t see it.
How is structured your —> Vote-Collection (DATABASE) ? I can’t see it.