Please... Fix Editor X ! - error 10124

Everything goes well until I create a database with dynamic pages and if I modify / add or delete content from the dynamic page, it instantly does not let me save or publish the site with this error code 10124.
Today is the first time in 2 years that I work and encounter this problem and it is very annoying.

  • I deleted the cache browser - nope
  • I tried the incognito mode - nope
  • I tried to publish after a different browser - nope
  • I created 2 new sites, and I encounter the same problem. how to create dynamic pages and edit them. BAM! I can no longer publish …
  • I contacted the wix support, they couldn’t help me …
  • for almost 12 hours I have been struggling to solve this problem …

this problem did not exist before … how could it get out of BETA, if there is such a serious problem?

Hey @mohonlinenetwork2851 ,

I’m Shiri from the Editor X team, thank you for reaching out.
We apologise for the experience, and for not being able to resolve them with support.

We tried a few time to reproduce this issue on our side but we couldn’t.
For that reason, I would be happy if you are willing to have a call with one of our product team-members, to try and understand the issue.
Please send me an email to , and I would set up the meeting.

Same her :frowning:

Same thing happened to me yesterday and I kept my browser open because I’ve done lots of changes on the site. Today I’ve tried saving again but err 10124! I logged out from my sites tab, logged in again but it didn’t solve the issue. I’m still waiting with my editor tab open, hoping to save my site one day :slight_smile:

It’s happening to me too. Not only am I having saving issues, i’m having freezing issues, and then items that I place on each breakpoint move when they’re not supposed to be. This editor is super exciting but even more frustrating. This should not be taken out of beta when it’s barely useable.
I have a paying client waiting for the site to be complete but I can’t with all of the issues.

I’ve closed the editor tab, logged out of all wix windows, logged in again, opened the editor window and luckily found that I haven’t lose my changes. Save & Publish functions are working as expected now.

I’ve had this issue several times today. It’s making progress very slow.

Hi everyone, we experienced a temporary issue with the Save functionality. It is now fixed and we’re working to ensure this does not recur.

The error has risen from the dead! Obviously it’s annoying but more importantly many people use EditorX professionally and have paying clients. They pay us, we pay you, so please keep our business going. I simply cannot explain the cause of delay to my client.